Jumping in

Today begins the next phase of my technology training – a blog.

It is named “Flutterbythreads” to represent my past, present, and future.

Flutterby is a play on the word butterfly. As a preteen I heard an artist should always have a signature they used for their art work. For me that would be a butterfly with my initials and date in it. My family looks for that first in any creation of mine I give them. It also is fitting for my thoughts a flutter of this a flutter of that, an eclectic blog for sure. Some days my thoughts my lean toward quilts, other times cooking and sometimes my family or travel.

Threads. Originally it was the obvious, threads used in stitching. But as I’ve thought of starting a blog for sometime “threads” are what tie our lives together too. So whether it is our family, friends, cooking or even sewing a grandchild’s stuffed animal there is a common thread tying our lives together.